EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE; RevItUp Racing behind the lens at the 2019 Hot Shoe 100

Months of preparations, long days and a dedicated group of volunteers, sponsors and fans helped make the 2019 Hot Shoe 100 at the Kinross Speedpark a tremendous success.

The stands were packed. The pits were overflowing. And the campground was decorated with an unbelievable amount of campers taking in the sights, scenes of not only the on-track action at the but also the EUP and area.

The Kinross Speedpark, Fox Boyz Racing and the ‘Gray Crew’ is very fortunate and privileged to have had the crew from REVITUP RACING trackside to catch all the memories of this year’s event, like they do each and every week of our stock car season.

RevItUp Racing’s Jay Houslander, Bob Davies, Kerilyn Trudel-Houslander and Shaw Houslander were behind the lenses to capture the action through photos and videos.

We here at are excited to provide you quick links to their exclusive content from this year’s event below:


Day One

Day Two

Hot Shoe 100


RevItUp Racing Show with 2019 Hot Shoe 100 Winner Blake Rowe

Modified Hot Shoe 100 A-Main

Modified B-Main

Modified Last Chance Race

Modified Heat Race #5

Modified Heat Race #4

Modified Heat Race #3

Modified Heat Race #2

Modified Heat Race #1

RevIup Racing TV Interview with Kenny Wallace

ABC Stock Cars A Feature

ABC Stock Cars B Feature

ABC Stock Cars C Feature

Four Cylinder Heat #3

Four Cylinder Feature

You can follow all the coverage of RevItUp Racing through their multiple online platforms including their website, YouTube page, Facebook page and SmugMug Photo Page.


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